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Purip Hy is a 4th generation p H boosting product from p H Miracle Living It is an excellent way to increase the p H of your water and is the most effective of the p H drops we've tried.

These drops offer strong alkalinity and only a few are needed for an incredible boost to the p H of your water.

We believe that Young p Horever Doc Broc Power Plants is the most potent, alkalising, nutrient-dense green drink supplement on the market.

Aqua Rx has the following EU approved health benefits: Reduction of tiredness and fatigue Electrolyte balance Energy yielding metabolism Nervous system function Muscle function Protein synthesis Psychological function Teeth and Bones Cell division (Please...It takes 28lbs / 12.7kg of fresh fruit, vegetables and grasses to make 1lb / 0.5k...Feel The Difference Super Concentrated Chlorophyll from Green Foodsp H Miracle Chlorop Heal is a highly concentrated source of chlorophyll – derived directly from Mulberry leaf.Lasts 40-50 days Paraben Free, Preservative Free and Non-Toxic.Nature's Green Food - Concentrated and Ready to Go!

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