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Or, as the company hurdles towards a billion valuation and is likely looking for ways to monetize, you can imagine that instant chat features could come in handy for advertisers and brands, who could potentially use it to chat with consumers to offer deals or discounts.With 21 million people following her on Facebook and 18 million on Twitter, pop singer Ariana Grande can't personally chat with each of her loves, as she affectionately calls her fans.The band's account drew more than 3 million visits, and users met a challenge to buy a total of 7,500 album copies through the app."That helped us prove out that this is really something we want to do going forward with other clients," said Mel Wilson, head of strategy at IPG Media Lab.Behind the numbers, the efficacy of the campaigns remains mixed. Steven Barrack, 15, downloaded Line to enter a contest to meet Grande on the red carpet at her album release party in Burbank last month.So she and many other stars are spreading their messages through new-style social networks, via mobile apps that are more associated with private, intimate conversation, hoping that marketing in a cozier digital setting adds a breath of warmth and a dash of personality.It's the Internet's equivalent of mailing postcards rather than plastering a billboard. 1 this month on the Billboard 200 sales chart, could have shared on Twitter that her most embarrassing moment on stage was losing a shoe.Kavi Halemane, executive vice president of digital at the Collective, a music management company, sought a deal with Line after hearing about it from Japanese friends and one of his part-Japanese clients, Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda.

Another chat app, Kik, based in Waterloo, Canada, has 150 million users worldwide and is the 25th most popular app of any kind in the U. Columbia Records and Syco Music worked with IPG Media Lab to promote a new album from teenage pop band One Direction on Kik.Music stars and youth-oriented companies are turning to chat apps as an alternative route to better-targeted publicity, and to show they're hip.When singer Paul Mc Cartney's tour headed to Japan, his team tapped Line and offered followers a free pack of stickers featuring his cartooned self.In a blog post, the Snapchat team writes that until today, Snapchat was missing presence: " This is the first big update since the company released Snapchat Stories, which lets you save photos for 24 hours in a "Story" that you can share with multiple friends, back in October.For those who've always believed that the app's main purpose is for sexting, it's easy to see how the new features just took things to the next level.

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