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Join the Color Me Forum Club free, and color yourself happy every day chatting with like minded coloring enthusiasts! I've seen a couple of people now post that before there were adult coloring books they would color kids coloring books! I can't quite remember how I came to discover adult coloring, all I remember is the exciting world it opened me up to and the addiction it caused!What did you do before adult coloring books became so popular? As a kid I loved coloring, I probably looked like this guy....except I always wore princess outfits so I would be much pinker!Our happy forum is dedicated to sharing knowledge, experiences, and most of all our love of coloring! - Discover exciting new things to color in unexpected places! - Find more coloring books and pages or learn to make your own!She has also created content for Red Bull, Apple Music, Beats, The Garcia Companies, Slushii, the Plain White T’s, Jaunt VR, Ubisoft and Armani.Her work is characterized by strong female characters that challenge the status-quo.

A great ice-breaker or social activity with some fine motor skill practise as well!Will attended USC’s BFA Acting Program, graduating with honors and was awarded both the "John Ritter Award" for exceptional comedy performance and the “David Dukes Memorial Scholarship” for Outstanding Acting (the actor David Dukes, not the white supremacist).Will has been performing in theatre productions since the age of six, most recently as a leading role in the Mark Taper Forum’s eight-show-a-week production of ‘Appropriate.’ He has also acted in several feature films and was featured in the viral hit web series “Virtual Morality” produced by some of the same creative team behind ‘Chatterbox.’ Will is very excited to have you control his every manic decision in this thrilling new web series. However, don't confuse Ron with the similar looking mustachioed 1970/'80s adult film star, Harry Reems, who has long since retired from the adult film industry.She is fiercely committed to her work, and will devote herself to any endeavor she sets her mind on.Will Tranfo recently co-starred with Jay Duplass in HBO’s new anthology series “Room 104” released in Summer 2017 to rave critical reviews, including Indiewire and the New York Times.

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