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To make it simple to generate – and remember – long, strong and unique passwords, subscribe to a reputable password manager that suggests strong passwords and stores them in an encrypted file on your own computer.Most computers, phones and tablets have a built-in activity monitor that lets users see the device's memory use and network traffic in real time.Pop-ups ads designed to get you to pay for the removal of the botnet through a fake anti-spyware package.

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Candid Wueest from Norton said: 'More than 13.8 million people in the UK were victims of online crime in the past year, and bots and botnets are a key tool in the cyber attacker's arsenal.'It's not just computers that are providing criminals with their robot army.

Online security experts found that a growing number of gadgets and home networks are becoming part of worldwide criminal computer networks, dubbed botnets.

From i Phones and tablets, to baby monitors and other smart devices, cyber crooks can takeover your technology to conduct their illegal activity.

The worst affected countries on the continent is Russia, which account for almost 14 per cent of Europe's botnets The UK fell just outside Europe's top 10, ranking as the eleventh-highest source of botnet infections. London is the worst affected, with 34.4 percent of all British bots'In 2016, we saw cybercriminals making increasing use of smartphones and Internet of Things (Io T) devices to strengthen their botnet ranks.'Servers also offer a much larger bandwidth capacity for a DDo S attack than traditional consumer PCs.'Once a botnet's owner is in control of your computer, they can use your machine in combination with others, over a network called a botnet, to carry out other nefarious tasks.

There are a number of common tasks executed by botnets, including spreading malware, generating spam, and commit other types of crime and fraud online.

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