”In response to this, I present to you, dear readers, some insights about the troubles with dating, but from the men’s perspective.

Incidentally, I have a full length feature version of this that is much more in-depth that I am trying to shop around…

Emorys Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI) relies heavily on the work of interns for research, benchmarking, implementation, and outreach in all areas of sustainability.

In Religious Studies, her comparative fields are Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism.

Her Masters of Divinity degree is from Harvard and her Ph.

in Interdisciplinary Studies is from Emory University.


During that time, she was also completing her Masters in Development Practice degree at Emory.

In my personal experience, I’ve also found that an age difference matters far less than a difference in lifestyle.

Granted, my boyfriend and I share plenty of commonalities — similarly subversive viewpoints, a deep affection for his bulldog, a disdain for abstinence in any form — but our relationship is also aided by the fact that neither of us has 9-to-5 aspirations for the immediate future.

Purpose attempted to shoot her with a blaster that was very lethal, but Dudley managed to jump at Kitty and get in front of the shot for her.

The wound was around the area of his heart, and he didn't appear to be breathing.

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