American women dating persian men

and then decide whether to pursue this relationship further or to walk away and save yourself a whole bunch of pain and heartache.

You can't force two un-fitting pieces to fit to make a stable and comfortable relationship.

I would appreciate the advice as we really love each other, I have no problem raising my kids in the muslim religion Iam just personally not in a space to make that decision for myself. I love this man with all of my heart and I know he loves me the same. JC, It seems that he is the problem not his family.

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I would have not date him or get close to him if he wasn't a Christian because Bible teaches us not to yoke with a non-believers.Even if your not "religious" this issue will come up, especially after you have children. On the surface, we would appear not to have much in common, but the building block we have is Faith, and that is a solid base.My husband believes fully in leaving the mother and father and cleaving to one's wife. Then its the children, his work and his extended family.Same faith marriages build on a solid mix the religions, this foundation becomes shakey at best.I love my husband dearly.there are cultural differences, but these are things I can easily live with and many are quite endearing. He treats me with the utmost respect, more than any man I have ever known.

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