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Had he met Fisher for sex at motels, his boat, his auto body shop, and at her parents' house, as she claimed? Absolutely not, repeated Buttafuoco, who blandly insisted that such charges were the lies of a sick young woman.Buttafuoco said that he only knew the teenager from his auto body shop where she had brought her smashed car for repairs.He declared that Fisher's claims were hallucinations.Television and press reporters swarmed around Joey Buttafuoco.Amy Fisher, 17, met Mary Jo's husband Joey at his body shop where she pleaded with him to repair the car her parents had gifted her for her 16th birthday without them finding out.Over time, Fisher fell in love with 35-year-old Joey and became increasingly jealous of his wife Mary Jo before her jealously led her to shoot Mary Jo at point blank.The girl accused Buttafuoco's 36-year-old husband Joey of having an affair with her younger sister.

The videotape aired on national television the night before her bail hearing.Just before the firearm went off, Mary Jo was not aware of any potential danger. That was the end of my life as I knew it." "I felt that explosion," she explains of the gunshot."It felt like someone had taken a bat and hit me, but it didn’t hurt. Scandal Made Me Famous: Amy Fisher premieres on Reelz Saturday, November 19, at 9 p.m. Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Marvin Goodman was not convinced by Naiburg's arguments that Fisher was a victim of Buttafuoco's manipulations.The judge agreed to the prosecutor's unprecedented million bail request and sent Fisher off to jail to await trial.

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