An error occurred during updating

This occurs when the plugins / themes are already updated, but Infinite WP panel shows that they still need to be updated.It can be due to Word Press cache and this can be solved by going to the update page of that particular WP site or it should resolve itself in another 4 hrs max when WP refreshes its update section.

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Project Configuration Configuration at org.eclipse.m2internal.embedder.They usually get an alert message saying: "i Phone (i OS device) cannot be updated.An unknown error occurred 56" or "Software Update Failed: An error occurred while downloading i OS 9.3.2" when updating an i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch to i OS 9.3.2.Maven Execution Context.execute Bare(Maven Execution at org.eclipse.m2internal.embedder.Maven Execution Context.execute(Maven Execution at org.eclipse.m2internal.project.

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