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Alex shows Ben the carnage taking place live at Girl House.Ben tries texting a warning to Kylie but, just as she returns to Girl House, Loverboy jams incoming and outgoing communications.Also watching are Alex and his college roommate Ben Stanley, who recognizes Kylie as the girl he has had a crush on since kindergarten. He hacks into the computer system and surprises Kylie by sending her a picture of his face.Having been banned for her heroin addiction, former Girl House performer Anna sneaks back into the house and convinces Gary to give her another try. Anna later finds the picture while snooping on Kylie’s laptop.

Janet investigates the commotion and catches Loverboy in the act of severing the boyfriend's head; Loverboy throws her over an upstairs railing. Gary eventually dies from blood loss while watching the horror unfold onscreen at the technical facility.

Loverboy angers the other women in Girl House by continually asking for Kylie when she is not there.

The girls begin making fun of him for being pathetic.

It stars Ali Cobrin and Slaine as a woman in an X-rated reality web series and the psychopath who stalks her, respectively.

In Rehobeth, Alabama, 1988, two little girls trick an overweight child they have nicknamed “Loverboy” into dropping his pants and preparing for a kiss, only to tease and humiliate him.

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