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Last year she met Hristo Hristov, who is fondly known as Chris throughout the expat community.

Nicola works at her parent’s English bar in Rogachevo near the Black Sea coast and this is where the couple met.

Many couples who correspond over the internet use Google Translate pass messages to each other.

It is not 100% accurate, but if you keep your translation simple then it works very well.

Bulgarians are also very forward and do not hesitate to tell you that they want you.

Nicola Hayes, 21 has lived in Bulgaria for two years.

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There is a host of good sites in Bulgarian and they are well worth logging into especially sites like Bulgarian may only be limited but there is nothing like contact with the man or woman of your dreams to spur you on to learning that bit more.

Most expat men find that Bulgarian girls make excellent partners, far better than had they dated someone of the same nationality.

Bulgarian women are much more domesticated and less demanding, they are happy to let their man make most of the decisions for them and they do not have expensive tastes!

It is always wise to inform the person you are writing to that you do not speak much Bulgarian and that you are using an online translator – its no good turning up for your first date completely tongue tied!

There is something exotic about dating someone from another culture especially if you are already in love with their way of life and country.

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