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When she didn't bring him, I figured she was just rocking him back to sleep and went to see if she needed anything, like a bottle from the fridge. A: Seeing your mother-in-law turn herself into a human pacifier must have been quite a shock.When I entered the room I saw her holding my son to her breast, letting him suckle. I took my son back to my room and told her she had to leave first thing in the morning. Your poor infant son also must have been wondering why mom's abundant supply was now Sahara-dry.It probably won't do any good because your mother is in too deep.But do not think about not returning to college in order to protect your brother. Tell your brother as hard as his family life is going to be, he also must do as well as possible in high school so that he can make a successful escape.But though your complaint would be a classic on the police blotter, it is not a matter for law enforcement.Your husband needs to have a very serious talk with his mother about boundaries—emotional and physical.I've been trying to ignore her, but her latest tactic is to threaten that she will "tell the press what a horrible daughter you are." So now I'm entering the realm of lawyers, R. I'm wondering if I should just skip the ceremony—this is getting incredibly stressful, and I'm worried she'll crash it and ruin the day for others. A: Congratulations at being recognized for your heroic acts.How wonderful to think that two people will get to live out their lives because of you.

I'm also wondering if she might possibly need a mental health work-up because her behavior was just bizarre.

You and your brother could try again to have a private talk with your mother about what's going on.

Explain that the things Chuck and his friends are saying and doing are deeply disturbing, and you're concerned about the atmosphere in which all of you will have to live.

She's always had fantasies about being around important people, and has been contacting me through various channels demanding that I bring her to meet the governor.

Aside from my personal feelings, her behavior at public functions is so inappropriate that she would either be thrown out or jailed as a safety hazard.

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