Christian dating engagement timeline

Can you see yourself spending the rest of your time growing as friends? Look at the person’s life and start asking some questions about how he or she lives out his or her faith. If you don’t see clear evidence of faith, then you need to ask yourself (and the other person) some hard questions: Do they have a steady devotional life? If you got married sometime soon, what would you be giving up that would be hard to let go? Is she the kind of woman who would willing follow if you got married? Is he or she quick to respond to your needs or the needs of others?

Will he or she be a good partner and teammate in life and ministry? Does he or she deliberately live out a life of faith? Is he or she teachable and willing to be influenced by you? Fidelity In Genesis , Moses describes the husband as “holding fast” to his wife.

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In all relationships we seek to know and understand the other—just as the other mutually comes to know and understand us. When we experience someone taking the time to know us by asking questions, listening, and sharing their own thoughts and feelings, we feel connected.

While ring shopping is certainly a key part of the big day, there is a much more important part to your preparation. Few things make marriage more miserable than constantly having to guess if your spouse will do what they say. Family While you want to guard each other’s hearts as you wade into these waters, it is important to talk through how you think about marriage, roles of husband and wife, children, and the relationship with potential in-laws.

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Church should be the center of our lives throughout the year and summer is no exception. More » All marriages need to be nurtured from the first day to the last of our lives.

What follows are 12 topics couples should consider before taking things to the next relational level. Is your boyfriend or girlfriend emotionally and spiritually mature? Does your boyfriend/girlfriend value marriage and hold it in high regard?

As you read through these, I want to pass on a wise word someone shared with me before I was married: As now, so then. Is his or her understanding of marriage shaped by the world or God’s Word?

Meaning, as someone is now, so you can expect them to be in marriage. These questions will help you evaluate, not if someone is perfect (only Jesus is), but if they are the kind of person who will make your life-long journey with Jesus both fruitful and enjoyable. Fun If you’re going to spend the rest of your life in a relationship, you need to enjoy spending time together. Do you share the same view on Scripture (authoritative and sufficient)? How would you both describe the biblical role of a husband and a wife? ) What hopes and fears do you have about future in-laws? Though there is no biblical responsibility for non-married couples to lead or submit, you should be trying to discern if you think they will faithfully serve in their role once they get married.

A person may be godly, but if you get bored or don’t enjoy spending time together, its not a good sign. Do you agree on your understanding of the Trinity, the gospel, salvation, sin, and Christ? What does your pastor or pastor’s wife think about him or her? How would you both describe the biblical role of fatherhood and motherhood? Would he be the kind of man you would want to submit to if you got married?

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