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We ask for user’s email addresses upon sign up to ensure that users can recover or reset their password.

Omitting the email address prevents users from resetting their password in the event that it is forgotten or changed.

If you choose to add a location to a blast, all recipients of that blast will be able to see where the blast was sent from.

Your location data is not stored after a blast is sent.

Validating your phone number also guarantees that other users are not using your personal phone number to find friends.

Phone numbers are stored as mathematical representations also known as a hash.

To unpin a message, simply tap the message bubble again.

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Players are given the opportunity to create an avatar (player) for themselves and a small amount of digital money to rent a house.Messages on our servers are never saved to disk, and are only stored in memory until they are delivered or expire.Cyber Dust users on i OS have the ability to take screenshots due to Apple’s decision to prevent applications from blocking screenshot capabilities on i OS devices.Cyber Dust's background app refresh has minimal effect on battery life, and we recommend that users turn background app refresh turned on to ensure all content is received promptly.To turn on background app refresh, please navigate to the "Settings" application - Cyber Dust asks for your contact list in order to show you who is already using Cyber Dust in your address book.

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