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Dillehay has done further excavations and analyses that have revealed a lot more about the people who lived there.

The abstract of the researchers’ paper in Science Advances states: Simple pebble tools, ephemeral cultural features, and the remains of maritime and terrestrial foods are present in undisturbed Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene deposits underneath a large human-made mound at Huaca Prieta and nearby sites on the Pacific coast of northern Peru.

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Basket and mat remnants show they were made from various materials, including reeds that basket makers still use today.The stone artifacts are characteristic of other parts of South America in the far distant past.The scientists found traces of avocado, beans and possibly squash and chili pepper that were cultivated. The new conclusions suggest diverse food production strategies and knowledge of economic organization, the paper states.The ancients were cleverer than some people today assume.They didn’t have rockets or electricity, at least no indisputable proof has been found of such technologies, but they did come up with technology that we don’t usually associate with the ancient world.

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