Dating day trip

I met my fiancé on OKCupid so obviously I am a fan.14. I remember hearing people say this and I would wonder if I would ever feel that way.Now that I’m on the other side (I’m getting married this summer) I am very happy to report that it is true, when I found the right person, I knew.15.When making a big life decision, no one else can make that for you, but sometimes friends and family can ask you questions that help you reveal the right decision. You should absolutely listen to someone turning 60, or 90, instead of me.26. But I care a lot less than I did as an insecure young adult and it’s such a huge relief.I’m looking forward to caring even less as I get older.27.

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If you have friends like that, make sure you do the same for them. Vacations and travel are critical to being a creative, productive person. It doesn’t always have to be a big trip; even going on a day trip or long weekend can make a huge difference.22.

A super short email or slack message will do the trick. Every woman in tech I know has some of those stories.

Everyone likes to hear positive feedback, it keeps us feeling motivated and happy. About 80% of your work happiness is about how much you enjoy the people you work with. As long as you are in a role where you’re always learning you’re setting yourself up to grow with it. Also, when I’m not learning at a job, I’m not having fun.9. Let’s try to change that for the next generation.10.

It has to feel right to you and exactly one other person — the person you’re in the relationship with — and that’s it.16.

The right person won’t ask you to choose between a career you’re passionate about and them.

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