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The bonus is that users can fill in a lot of information about themselves, so you can tell who's after casual sex and who wants more.

But the app has fallen in popularity compared to Tinder, and the fact that you can receive messages from anyone - without matching first - means that your inbox can quickly become clogged with sleaze. It matches you with people based on your location and a shared interest in music.

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A friend who uses it tells me: “It’s good if you’re picky…It can import your favourite tunes from your smartphone or and does the hard work for you by collating matches.A possible drawback could be a limited number of users – those figures aren’t available online - but it does look like a good app if music plays a significant part in your life and loves.Cost: Free Unlike Tinder, Hinge doesn’t let you swipe through an unlimited number of potential matches.Instead it only lets you match with people who share your mutual friends - and it shows you a new ‘batch’ of users every day.

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