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Without the Hard 50, Hachmeister would face a life term with parole eligibility after serving at least 25 years. A new jury will be impaneled to decide whether Hachmeister should receive the Hard 50.

Failure to pay any citation or complaint or appear to schedule a court date within the appropriate timeframe may result in an order from the Court seeking the defendant’s arrest on a bench warrant and may result in the suspension of driving privileges for the accused with the State of Kansas.

Campsite reservations available for arrival May 15 - Sept.

As of Wednesday, April 19, 2017, reservations are available for arrival dates of May 15 - Sept. Phone reservations began on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

The main mission of the Court is to promptly and fairly adjudicate all cases filed and to enforce judgments rendered.

Ancillary functions include supervising probationers, conducting alcohol and drug evaluations and drug and alcohol education programs, coordinating community service and house arrest activities, providing information to citizens about the municipal judicial process and collecting fines and fees.

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