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To make things worse, some local company came up with the catch phrase "the best place on earth" and uses that to advertise BC and plaster it everywhere!They even went so far as to put it on our license plates in case anyone forgets it. It rains a lot and is full of feminist women and p**sy whipped men. Luckily I just paid off my place, so I am in a good position. I would say that as far as Canada goes it is probably the best place to live in Canada, because the rest of Canada is too hot and humid in summer, and too cold and frozen in winter, and again is full of feminist women and feeble men.-The obsession those in the PNW have about suicide rates has gotten to the point of cliche and urban legend.Yes, more people kill themselves in YVR, SEA, Portland and the PNW, but it isn't an epidemic, it's just slightly higher.Like most Canadians your perception of 'Cold' is totally skewed and simply not in line with the rest of the planet.-Few people would trade sunshine for -40C, and that's what happens in Alberta and North Dakota every single winter.It rains everyday in Vancouver in the winter and then the suicide rate skyrockets.

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No matter where you go in Canada you'll be surrounded by militant feminists but the chinese women in Richmond are probably the best looking women in the country.

I always ask myself these questions: If it's the best place on earth, why do only about 2 million people live here? People here suffer from the same Seattle freeze issue Winston talks about. I'm looking for opinions on the subject from people who live here, have lived here and now live elsewhere, have visisted, or who either love or hate the place.

Why does anyone move elsewhere or go on holidays elsewhere? A lot of people from here have never lived anywhere else, so how do they know it is the best place? I think people make a place nice, and in that matter, Vancouver sucks, but of course you will never hear about that in the strange criteria that goes into measuring how nice a place is, based on United nations development index.

No one likes that type of weather, it is something to be avoided, thus people move to Vancouver.

Yeah, you might think 'it's just cold', everyone else thinks it is unlivable, painful and hellish.

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