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The best-known artist of this time was William Pegg, a Quaker, famed for his striking and idiosyncratic flower painting.

He started in 1797 but his religious beliefs led him to the conclusion that painting was sinful and he left in 1800. Despite much good work, the Kean period was disruptive and the company suffered financially.

In 1845, however, Bloor died, and after three years under Thomas Clarke, the Cockpit Works were sold and the factory closed in 1848.

He quickly established Derby as a leading manufacturer of dinner services and figurines by employing the best talents available for modelling and painting.

Figure painting was done by Richard Askew, particularly skilled at painting cupids, and James Banford.

Present product lines include paperweights, introduced in 1981 and immensely popular.

Royal Crown Derby also continue to produce patterns in the Imari style, distinguished for its rich colours and intricate gilding, including the dinnerware ranges Old Imari, Traditional Imari, Red Aves, Blue Mikado (designed by Thomas Amos Reed), and Olde Avesbury.

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