Does the bible forbid interracial dating and marriage

Is there ultimately any such thing as “interracial marriage”?

Let’s look at some of the verses people often use to say that marriage between people groups is scripturally forbidden.

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Also, people of different races were not mentioned as being among those forbidden by God for Jews to marry, see Exodus .

It’s clear from the context that God scattered the people at the Tower of Babel because of their disobedience and arrogance.

He speaks nothing about “the races” and nothing about marriage. In fact, at this point in human history the different people groups didn’t even exist! I have heard certain churches and even certain Christian colleges say, “The Bible says you’re not allowed to marry someone from a different race.

He did not follow the Lord completely as his father David had done.

Solomon worshiped Ashtoreth, the goddess of the people of Sidon, and Molech, the hated god of the Ammonites.7.

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