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When it comes to telling young children about a mother’s diagnosis, Leisha Davison-Yasol, a Rochester, New York writer— 34 at the time her breast cancer was found, and parent to twin boys, who turned 6 on the day of her diagnosis — kept hearing “just be honest” and “don’t give them too much information.” “I sat them down and said you know I have been sick for a while and we didn’t know why,” says Davison-Yasol, who writes a blog called Cancer In My Thirties. And I told them I would lose my hair but that meant the medication I was going to take was working to make me better." For younger women, a breast cancer diagnosis may make an already complicated dating life even more difficult.

“Cancer can make you feel very vulnerable,” says Dr.

“This can increase the sense of isolation and is the reason that so many people look to other young survivors to really understand and share their journey to a new sense of themselves and their self-worth.” 'Flat and fabulous': Topless tattoo selfie inspires cancer survivors Jacquelyn Roth, a geneticist and breast cancer researcher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, found the lump herself and was diagnosed four years ago at 28.

“My hair has grown back and I look healthy,” says Roth.

' " A positive diagnosis of cancer is overwhelming and scary at any age.

Also, women often worry about being a “downer” or a burden — so for those in their 20’s and 30’s, “breaking the news” to friends can be an especially emotional experience, one that doctors say can cause stress during the early stages of their treatment.

“I got to share the information in the privacy and comfort of my own home,” she explains.

Now he finally returns, and is happily welcomed back by everyone.

Paulie's out of jail and his friend's throw him a party at the Bada Bing.

He's still not very happy about he's been treated both before and after he went to jail and the fact that Tony did little while he was there.

Assemblyman Zellman tells Tony he's seeing his old girlfriend Irina.

Tony seems to take it okay but he's obviously irritated. Before the fourth season of The Sopranos went into production, actor Tony Sirico underwent back surgery.

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