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Recent investigations conducted at another locality, TM 254, ≈18 km west of the Ar dating, is not exposed at TM 266; therefore, 20 intermediate geological sections between TM 266 and TM 254 have been documented to determine its stratigraphic position within the A.

The sections are uniform in facies across the transect.

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U.) is composed of poorly cemented sand and argillaceous sandstone alternation characterized by dense networks of root tubules/root molds (palaeosols) and termite nests (9, 10).

The uniform stratigraphy at the TM localities allowed us to use absolute ages from both TM 266, where Toumaï was discovered, and TM 254 to assign an age to Toumaï.

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Fossiliferous localities investigated in these areas were KL, KB 1, and KT 12 (Fig.

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