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” He recommended she go to the Clinic in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas.Within two weeks she and her husband were at the clinic and she began the IAT treatment. Millie has been well, no metastases, since she has continued on the IAT treatment.He gave her three options: 30% chance of survival with radical surgery of the face, jaw & tongue.Less percent with less radical surgery, or extension of life for a short period of time with radiation, only.I am 74 years old and cancer does not scare me any more.

After nearly a year she went to another doctor who told her “When it comes to cancer, Burton is King!She began the IAT treatment and just got better and better, to quote Mary, “IAT – It works!” It is now 17 years later; Mary is now 40 years old and proud to admit it. Mary returns for her “tune-ups” at the clinic to make certain she stays well.She came to the IAT Clinic following extensive radiation.Her prognosis was “terminal” by a well known head & neck surgeon in NYC.

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