Great dating ideas for men

Let him know that you have this one covered, and tell your friends what time to meet up.

“My dream date would take place at a nice cabin on a lake, preferably around the mountains.

Oh yes, believe it or not, men don’t do this whole date rigmarole just for you.

They, too, have ideas about what a perfect day together would be like.

You never know; you might discover your favorite new group, and if it's horrible, plenty of performers can turn out to be entertainingly bad.

Make a game out of picking out random items around the house and determining ways to incorporate them into your sex life.

That’s OK, this guy wants to do something novel with you, so keep your eye out for exciting opportunities that you can experience together.

There’s nothing like combining beautiful locales with singular, exciting events that have cultural and historical significance.

Talk about romantic.” —Isaac, 30You are not the only person who dreams about exotic dates that involve “a new fantastic point of view”; guys dig that stuff, too!

A road trip to a neighboring state for a once-in-a-lifetime concert could fit the bill.

While you're cooking or going about other daily rituals, turn up one of your favorite songs and start.

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