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Attorneys in the cases declined comment, saying that the judge has ordered them not to discuss the lawsuits publicly.

Pignato was convicted in 2009 of forcing a woman to have sex with him the year before.

From there, he starts scouring the field again, searching for another boy.

It was broad daylight on a sunny Tuesday morning on Victoria Square in the heart of Athens. Mohammed says he lost his parents in an attack in Afghanistan.

Rahn was imprisoned in July 2010 and released on parole in December 2012.

In Greece, refugees face dire living conditions, limited housing and catastrophically long wait times for their claims.

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Those allegations, though not used at the criminal trial, could become evidence in the civil lawsuits. Rahn was later convicted of using a fabricated background check to justify Pignato's hiring and also of impeding a police investigation into a hit-and-run crash by an off-duty Greece police sergeant.In his plea deal, Pignato admitted going into the apartment and not reporting the marijuana usage. Pignato was fired from the Rochester Police Department for misconduct in the late 1990s.He then worked for two police departments in Wayne County.According to testimony, Pignato said he wouldn't report her if she had sex with him.Pignato admitted that the two had sex, but he claimed it was consensual.

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