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I only browse female profiles and swipe right on almost everyone. I realize that thinking of High There as an addition to the over-saturated hook-up app market might be misguided.When you take dating out of the equation, High There is kind of great for finding new buds.As a safety precaution, we strongly recommend you change your password.High There isn't the only option for stoners seeking love online, but it is the best.Although with High There, you first have to specify whether you prefer smoking, vaping, edibles, or "it's all good." High There users' implicit common ground lessens the pressure to build connections from scratch.People are friendlier, seemingly comforted by the knowledge that you won't be judgmental.

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High There also cashes in on the simplicity that distinguishes Tinder from algorithmic sites like OKCupid: just input a first name and a photo, and you've built a profile."If you want to come over this weekend, get stoned, watch a few stupid movies I'd be willing to be a 'frequent' user of the app," he writes.The invitation to "come chill and smoke" is a frequent proposition on High There—one that personally makes me nervous.Most often I smoke in bed, right before I go to sleep.Scrolling past my failed chat with Connor, I see a request from someone I actually know IRL, a 28-year-old coworker named Nikhil.

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