Illinois dating violence laws

Even a first offense can have damaging, permanent effects on your future.

Therefore, if you are charged with a domestic battery, it is absolutely critical that you hire an attorney that has experience handling domestic cases.

The written notice must include a statement that sexual violence was the reason for the move, the date of the sexual violence and at least one of the following pieces of evidence: The tenant will still be responsible for any rent due under their lease agreement prior to giving the written move out notice to the landlord.

Illinois’ Safe Homes Act grants victims of domestic violence the right to have the locks on their doors changed.

The goal is to minimize any future physical or emotional harm.The sexual violence against the tenant or member of the tenant’s household occurred on the landlord’s premises and the tenant move out of the unit as a result of this sexual violence.2.The tenant provided the landlord with written notice within three days before or three days after they moved out of the unit.If the landlord changes the locks, he or she must provide the tenants with the new key within 48 hours of changing the locks.If the tenant changes the locks, he or she must use a lock that is of a similar or better quality to the existing lock.

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