Indian parents interracial dating c5 3 consolidating an unprofitable subsidiary

It makes me sad to say, but I received a lot of hatred not only from my family, but other members of my ethnicity because of the fact that he was African American.I hid the fact I even had a boyfriend from my family, but they eventually found out.There wasn’t any range of area in their mind that contained the thought that I could be with someone of another race.They had this thought that Indian girls will only date Indian boys.He is also biracial, so you already know he is fine.However, this man happened to be half Puerto Rican and half African American.In school, there were only a few interracial couples, and apparently they stood out.

I attended a very small church, where there were barely anyone my age.I was raised in the suburbs and I attended a high school with a low rate of minorities.Being a minority, I always felt as if I was perceived differently by my peers.Growing up in the Indian culture, it is true that Indian parents only want you to marry someone that is Indian, but to add to that, the same kind of Indian you are.For those who don’t know, Indian is not a language, and there are a multitude of distinctions of Indians.

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