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He’s confirmed to be back on board for Season 3 – but it’s currently unknown whether that’s for some new compositions, or fresh takes on the classic tunes. "Anything goes as long as you can run in them."But boots are of particular importance to Rick, or more specifically, Lincoln.This innovative reimagining of Charlotte Brontë’s masterpiece is a collaboration between the National Theatre and Bristol Old Vic and is directed by Sally Cookson.Please note: This production contains loud noises, flashing lights and strobe-like effect.Even The Log Lady is back somehow, even though actress Catherine E Coulson passed away in September 2015.5) There are incredible new guest stars The old cast returning is hugely exciting – but there are some amazing new additions for Season 3 too.

Brown and tan dye, gray dye - so you can take out the life of the garment," Montalvo says."We had never tried that before and we took him up on the offer and found a local boat company and it was definitely new territory for them.They were like, ' Well, let's try it with this shirt.' In like 10 minutes, they got those clothes looking like walker clothes in no time.The season was reportedly recorded like a film, shooting from one long script and divided up into separate instalments.3) It’s set 25-ish years later The new series will be set in the present day, meaning around 25 years have elapsed in the town of Twin Peaks.

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