Kudrow dating

When she tells the story of the time she stabbed a cop, their obviously surprised looks cause her to retort, "What? " Phoebe has picked up an impressive talent for boxing at a YMCA, where, according to her, the guys, "weren't being Christian enough." ("The One With The Race Car Bed") Phoebe met and moved in with Monica, which began their friendship.

While still living with her, Phoebe married a gay Canadian ice dancer, Duncan, in order to help him obtain a green card. Monica claims that when Duncan left, she saw Phoebe eating a cheeseburger.

She has little family history revealed, except for the fact that her mother killed herself and that she has a twin sister (Ursula).

She is a masseuse, and she plays guitar in the coffee house Central Perk.

She misunderstands when one of Monica's assistants introduces himself as a sous-chef, and she does not appear to understand Rachel's Italian boyfriend, Paolo (but neither can any of the other five friends).

("The One With The Ball") Phoebe has a never-seen roommate called Denise who moves out unexpectedly, allowing Rachel to move in after she is displaced by Chandler Bing. With Phoebe and Rachel as roommates, more is revealed about Phoebe as we get to see her at home in several episodes, and they hang out together more often.They divorce because he wants to get married to another woman, revealing that he was never gay.("The One With Phoebe's Husband") She also starts searching for her family and finds out that she has a younger half-brother, Frank Buffay Jr.She moved her furniture piece by piece into her grandmother's apartment.("The One With The Flashback") Phoebe is introduced as the quirky one of the group.

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