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It was originally called Ushu in cuneiform texts (Ward 197) and later Palaetyrus (“old Tyre”) in Greek texts (Jidejian 19).

Historical and archaeological evidence indicate both cities were settled by the early second millennium BC and were important seaports long before the Israelites settled in Canaan.

Michael Luddeni Located at the foot of some of the Lebanese mountain’s southwestern ridges and near the gorge of the ancient Leontes River (the modern Litani), the rich and well-watered plain became the fortified island’s primary source or food, water, wood and other living essentials.

Apparently the island was fortified first and called Tyre, while the coastal city directly opposite was settled later.

The names Tyre and Sidon were famous in the ancient Near East.

Abi-Milki, king of Tyre, sent ten letters to the Egyptian Pharaoh (EA 146–155).

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In fact, the city took its name from this rock island.

Tyre comes from the Semetic The port of ancient Sidon is believed to have been located in this area.

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