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The songbird is said to be smitten with 26-years-old hunk Jamie after their friendship recently blossomed into romance."Nadine and Jamie have been friends for about a year now.Nadine really liked him and they've been on a few dates over the last couple of weeks," the source went on saying, adding that "She wants to keeps things out of the public eye and take it slowly.She and Jamie have been friends which is a good thing.

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Its a superstition of hers, she says ‘It gives you the energy that you need!

It's clear that Nadine still runs the show as she struts around the office in the fiercest red pantsuit we've ever seen, obviously, while ordering the lazy wasters in her life to just do something for once!

READ MORE: NADINE COYLE MEME SENDS TWITTER INTO MELTDOWNIn an interview with 4Music's Trending Live, Nadine expressed an interest in emulating Amercian pop-rock band 'Haim', which comprises of three sisters.

The news follows a recent Washington Post report that Twitter is testing a new system to allow users to report fake news - which Twitter has neither confirmed nor denied.

To access the new mute features, users must select the notification button, followed by settings, and then advanced filters.

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