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If a player continues to use other languages to communicate despite warning, it can result in a temporary ban.Other regional servers are available with the appropriate language support.

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PEGI 7 is a rating established by Pan European Game Information. Do not use the game or its social outlets to make defamatory remarks about players, other companies, our company, or our staff. Insults, extreme profanity, abuse or any similar conduct on these forums or on the chat are forbidden.

Names such as BB_ or Ubi_ that indicate Ubisoft or Blue Byte staff are reserved for employees of the company.

We reserve the right to immediately change any username that implies such of a non-employee.

It is similar to plugging your ears and yelling “I can’t hear you! Do not send unwanted guild invites or friend requests.

You should probably know someone a little before inviting them to your guild.

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