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Victim impact statements read out in court revealed how the three young women have been affected by High's actions. I was terrified of being attacked again.'I don't know when, if ever, I will feel safe again. Pictured, Stoney Lane in Spondon, the location of a rape in February 2017The force issued several appeals for information about the crimes and the Darley Park rape featured on the BBC programme Crimewatch.The statement of the youngest victim read: 'Before I was very confident and always out, sociable and happy. But it was a local campaign, which saw the force launch its biggest ever leaflet drop and social media drive in March 2017, which helped solve the crime.Other sections include What If (matches that fall outside of your match sweet spot.), Communicating With (your message center), and Hidden Users (a list of potential matches no longer available for contact). In fact, the pages look very much like interactive infographics.You move horizontally from profile section to profile section, using the arrow keys or clicking the onscreen navigation icons.

If e Harmony finds potential matches with its Compatibility Matching System, a notification appears in the Matches toolbar section. Profiles are packed with nuggets of useful information and sprinkled with photos.Thankfully this kind of attack, committed by a stranger, is rare, but these attacks can put the community in fear.'Although High admitted what he had done, the CPS had to put the case before the court in a way that enabled the judge to determine an appropriate penalty for the gravity of the offending and the threat to the community.'The CPS and police have worked together to build a profile of the defendant and the impact of his actions on his victims and the community.Online dating no longer carries the stigma of being the last hope for society's undesirables to try their luck at love—and for avoiding direct human contact in social settings.The look of someone being younger didn't deter Ilija High.'Once he made up his mind he was going to attack someone, he went through with it, which makes him an incredibly dangerous man.'Without a shadow of a doubt, he will have continued to offend if we hadn't caught him.I think he is a real predator and a danger to women and I'm genuinely grateful for all the help and support we had from the public and all the names that were put forward because within that information was the offender and the people of Derbyshire have helped make the county a safer place.'The impact of these crimes upon the victims has been enormous and to give them some sort of comfort in the fact that we had caught him was a massive honour.'They have been incredibly brave throughout the whole process and I accept that this sentence will never undo the harm he has done.'Rebecca Edwards from the Crown Prosecution Service said: 'Ilija High put these women through a terrible ordeal.

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