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It doesn’t get much more intense than criticism from the office of the Presidency.

Still the office of the Public Protector stood steadfast under Madonsela’s watch, and it has much to do with the character of the woman herself. What is important is to always remain in integrity with your own values and principles.

Madonsela was born in Soweto in 1962 to parents who were informal traders.

In 2012, Madonsela investigated “kickbacks” received by EFF leader Julius Malema in connection with contracts between the Limpopo traffic department and On-Point Engineering.

Her priorities sat with the people, and her office not only went after politicians, but unscrupulous businesses too.

She later refused an ANC MP post under Nelson Mandela, choosing instead to join the South African Law Reform Commission.

“The key to success is doing what you believe in and acting purposefully and authentically.

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