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Enjoy all the wonderful sights and learning opportunities traveling these routes will bring!Mesa Falls Scenic Byway Fort Henry Historic Byway Lost Gold Trails Loop Nez Perce National Historic Trail, Island Park to West Yellowstone Island Park is a unique historical and geological area in north Fremont County, Idaho.The most famous of these early visitors include Jim Bridger, George Rea, Kit Carson, Richard "Beaver Dick" Leigh and Richard W. Of these, Dick Rock and George Rea settled in the area to ranch, hunt, and serve as guides.Other settlers arrived during the late 1860s, homesteaded, and began to build ranches and engage in other business.

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Island Park is also increasingly becoming a choice summer home area and a retirement area for those who don't mind more than a little snow.

From plush RV resorts, cozy cabins and yurts, to primitive forest campgrounds – all the information you need is right here.

We welcome you to come for a weekend getaway, a family vacation, or spend the entire summer in Idaho's great outdoors – where you can play all day, camp under a blanket of stars at night, and make wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

In the aftermath of that explosion, Island Park was left with a world class U-shaped volcanic caldera formation.

A caldera is a volcanic crater that has a diameter several times that of the vent and is formed by the collapse of the central portion of the volcano.

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