Pre paid legal dating

“What we really value and consider our real secret is that all of the lawyers in our network absolutely must believe in and buy into the Legal Shield customer service model.We have very stringent expectations of our lawyers in terms of timeliness, responsiveness, explanations, and helpful representation.The contract must have complete details of the transaction and full disclosure of any credit terms.If you sign a contract for a prepaid service, but then change your mind, whether you can cancel the contract depends on what the service is that you bought.Legal Shield is adapting by adding a layer of technology to our lawyers and helping clients access them with the touch of a button on our mobile app.Clients can send them speeding tickets or attach contracts for review through their mobile phone so that their lawyers can easily return calls and talk to them about their everyday legal issues.

For the contract to be valid, it must contain certain information, including: If the contract does not include all the necessary information, it cannot be enforced.

Notice of the cancellation must be in writing and delivered to the business within the 10-day period.

It is advisable to keep a copy of the written cancellation and the proof that it was delivered.

Not intended as do-it-yourself law, the prepaid market is another example of a legal market being mined by entrerpreneurs providing the services the clients always wanted but could either not afford or did not know how to go about reaching them.

This year, the university is offering a prepaid legal supplemental benefit for active employees—through U.

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