Problems in dating relationships

In my mind, it felt easier for me to end it before they did.Walking away rather than risking the heartbreak of rejection was how I justified my behavior to myself.So if you suspect that you have been making unfair comparisons between your present relationships and a negative one from the past, take a moment and consciously reflect on the hurtful qualities of this old, negative relationship, and then think of all the ways your present relationships differ.This small exercise will help you let go of the old bricks and remind you that past pains are not indicative of present possibilities.We’re all seeking those special relationships that feel perfect for us, but if you’ve been through enough relationships, you begin to realize that there are no “perfect people” for you, just different flavors of imperfect ones. You yourself are imperfect in many ways, and you seek out relationships with people who are imperfect in complementary ways.

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If you carry old bricks from the failed relationships of your past to your present relationships, you will build the same flawed structures that fell apart before.Think about those times when you passed an unfair judgment on someone merely because they reminded you of someone from your past who treated you poorly.Sadly, some people pass judgments like these throughout the entire duration of their long-term relationships.However, if you’re actually in a generally good relationship with someone, then it’s time to…Most relationship problems and associated social anxieties start with bad communication, which in turn leads to attempted mind reading.

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