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It is perhaps therefore not surprising that Sweden's only curling high school is located here.

The high school started at 1989 and has since contributed several talented curlers to the world.

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Their handballteam plays in division 2 and is called Brännans IF.

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Summertime activities include climbing, kayaking, trekking, etc.Härnösand is at the northernmost fringe of the humid continental climate zone with significant maritime influence, causing mild to warm summers and cold but not severe winters that are milder than areas further north.In the Kvarken area and further north the water is less salty and freezes easier, creating colder winter climate.Härnösand is a fairly small town and some of the activities young people engage in are Kåken (Ungdomens Hus), a youth centre provided by the municipality.The city also has an extensive selection of outdoor activities in the summer and wintertime.

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