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For the Oakland native, she is very happy and is proud to be in an “openly queer relationship.” When asked about the importance of sharing her love on Instagram, the singer told Hip Hollywood at the annual awards show, “life is just too short.

It’s too short to have these weird rules about censoring love and not showing it.” She added, “People need to be it’s ok, be gay and loud.” Just last week, the signer shared this sweet image of she and her “punpkin” on Instagram, expressing her love.

“I always think of how showing off love as an artist takes the mystery away… or just plain makes both parties vulnerable and open,” she wrote.

The 22-year-old continued, “BUT, then eye think about how short life is and that every chance you get to scream your love (of any kind) into the universe, you should take… If you got something special, don’t dim the light because you’re afraid of how bright it will truly shine.

On the next season of Love & Hip Hop Hollwood” fans will see a shocking new relationship between (apparently) bi bangers Miss Nikki Baby and Rosa Acosta.

The Jasmine Brand reports: has added Rosa Acosta to its cast.

Friends or not, we had to ask about Rosa’s new rumored relationship with her friend and now business partner, Nikki.

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We help each other out.” By the looks of things, something more is appears to be going on, but when we tried to pry more, they insisted, “we are” just workout buddies.Sources tells us exclusively that Rosa will be on season 3 of the hit VH1 show and she has already began filming.We’re told that much of her storyline will revolve around her relationship with Miss Nikki Baby, aka Nikki Nikki Mudarris is back on the dating scene — and it seems like she’s traded in Fizz for a woman!According to sources, the 25-year-old has started a relationship with reported Season 3 newbie, model and dancer Rosa Acosta.

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