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A British spy plane was monitored through a mobile phone app as it carried out surveillance on Russian air defences.

Plane spotters were able to watch the £650m Rivet Joint through Flightradar24or Planefinder as it flew near the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, the reported.

Despite these optimistic goals, even in the beginning, the project proposal makes clear that there will be significant cultural stigmas and prejudices to overcome in order to implement targeted interventions.

Contemporary Russia still possesses “a strong legacy of health services in the Soviet model, which is often at odds with contemporary approaches to evidence-based control of infectious diseases.” This vestigial approach to health care in the face of a rapidly growing epidemic has “contributed to a tension between a need for evidence-based disease control and traditional practices of doubtful effectiveness or potential harmfulness”.

The size of the IDU population was even more underestimated than the other groups.

These interventions have been shown in the international literature to be highly effective at combating the spread of the disease, and the World Bank clearly communicated its intention to implement evidence-based programs, such as targeted interventions, through the project.

The key demographic to reach with targeted interventions is the population of intravenous drug users.

They were able to monitor the aircraft’s speed, flight number and route as it flew off the coast.

Radar pictures shared on social media suggest the RAF aircraft, which was accompanied by US spy planes and F-35A stealth fighters, flew within 60 miles of the Russian base at a speed of 478 knots.

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