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"The results of this work had all the Individuals dating to a 300 year period. " Kennett and Plog teamed up with George Perry, assistant professor of anthropology and biology, Penn State and Richard George, a graduate student in anthropology, to first examine the mitochondrial genomes of these individuals." When the results came back, the researchers found that all the individuals shared the same mitochondrial genome sequence.Mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA) is inherited only from an individual's mother, so matching mt DNA indicates that not only where all the individuals from the same family, but the inheritance was matrilineal -- through the mother.But those little pop ups about “nerd culture” and how we talk felt weird and insulting to me.It felt very much like we aren’t like normal people, in reality we are.Cats were domesticated by the first farmers some 10,000 years ago. By analyzing DNA from petrous bones of ancient Europeans, scientists have identified these peoples remained intolerant to lactose (natural sugar in the milk of mammals) for 5,000 years after they ...I feel like I should write a disclaimer before I give you an essay to read: I hate Reality TV. I hate how little creativity there is because of Reality TV, where television shows like ‘Happy Town’ get cancelled before 3 episodes get aired because ‘Wipeout’ is favored.He wants to find someone to love, and you know what that is great for him.I know, he has to sign the release that says that he can put himself on TV with his story and what happened during the event.

This burial is the richest ever found in the American Southwest.

"Using DNA sequences from the nuclear genome combined with the radiocarbon dates, we identified a mother-daughter pair and a grandmother-grandson relationship," said Kennett.

"For the first time, we're saying that one kinship group controlled Pueblo Bonito for more than 300 years," said Plog "This is the best evidence of a social hierarchy in the ancient Southwest." DNA found at archaeological sites reveals that the origins of our domestic cat are in the Near East and ancient Egypt.

Kennett, head and professor of anthropology, Penn State.

"But we don't think it was egalitarian either." Archaeologists have described the Chaco Phenomenon as anything from an egalitarian society without any rulers at all, to a full-fledged state-level society or kingdom.

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