Servers for updating nod32

I can understand if they have like 2 update sites but they have alot more.

Funny thing is if i reinstall i will have the updated virus defs now if they give priority to paid users then i shouldn't get the update soon after a reinstall.

that loading has to be giving their servers "fits".

I email nod32 about couple hours before i posted here and i finally got a e-mail.So i think it's very nice for nod32 to do this for me. But for them setting me up with a full version with a 1 month license shows me how they want your business.I will be buying after the 1 month trial if the updates goes smoothly and the problem isn't because of my computer. I'm pleased that you had a positive response from the NOD32 folks.The rest of the time, updates are quite speedy for nearly everyone.I'm not sure why, but on my system, both the 3/23 and the 3/24 updates ran well over 3.5 Mb...

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