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The series are all filmed outside YRF’s plush Mumbai studios: “We can’t afford to shoot here even if we get a 30% discount on the rack rate,” Patil says.

But the team can use cameras and props between the studios’ bigger productions.

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One of India’s most prolific web series creators, Y-Films teamed with UK filmmaker Richard Curtis and the United Nations’ Global Goals campaign on its first series , features a father attempting to answer his young son’s awkward questions on topics including homosexuality, periods and masturbation.

Y-Films has also launched India’s first transgender music group, 6-Pack Band, through a series of music videos.

“So we know this content works way beyond the core audience of millennials in India.”Next up, Y-Films is going bigger budget and darker with a five-part series based on YRF cult thriller Patil explains that the writers have updated the 1993 original to talk about online safety in the age of cyber stalking and digital crime: “We don’t realise how much we put ourselves out there – the amount of information we share is just crazy.”But he adds that the studio does not have specific agendas – nor is it looking for the next hot topic in the hope it goes viral – it just wants to explore contemporary issues through a new medium and strong story-telling.

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“The challenge is that these days most kids are discovering sex and sexuality through porn and that’s scary,” Patil says.

“The first door they can knock on is Google, and that’s a problem; it needs to be a parent.”When it comes to the revenue model, the Y-Films web series make a small amount through advertising on You Tube, but mostly rely on brand tie-ups and sponsorship.

As You Tube is a global platform, the series are also reaching an overseas audience.

All the shows have been subtitled into English and ; we expected it from Spanish-language markets, which are close culturally, but we’ve also had a lot of feedback from Eastern Europe,” Patil says.

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