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The chapel was fitted with a new floor and two new stoves were provided for heating.The total cost of the renovations amounted to nearly £180.In October 1894 the Church decided to reduce the Chapel Keeper's pay from 1/9 to 1/6 per week from Michaelmas to March and to pay her 1/- a week from March to Michaelmas.In February the following year during the interregnum it became necessary to borrow eleven pounds from the Poor Fund to meet the current expenses of the Church.It is known that this is what happened at the Baptist Church at Stafford for many years and this may have been the regular pattern in other Baptist churches in the early part of the twentieth century. In the early days baptisms took place in a brook near the City Lane, then at Trefeen (Tre-ffin) and Bahaithlon in a brook where there was a sluice-gate to form a washing pool for sheep.During the twentieth century baptisms have also taken place in the Baptist churches at Kerry and Montgomery.

While retaining its membership with the Baptist Union, the church rejoined The Baptist Union of Wales. His search was fruitless and when he arrived one day at the Blue Bell Inn crossroads between Sarn and Churchstoke, he was so disconsolate and unsure of his future that he decided to throw his walking stick into the air and to follow the way it fell.

The village of Sarn is situated in the Vale of Kerry (Dyffryn Ceri) on the A489 road between Newtown and Churchstoke. The chapel was erected in 1827 and enlarged by the addition of a Schoolroom in 1938.

Although Sarn is now regarded as being in Mid-Wales, from the eighteenth century until the early twentieth century it was considered as being in North Wales.

The earliest record of Baptist activity in the Kerry parish is in the Visitations Returns for 1804 when the Incumbent wrote that: The Dissenting Registrations for the Kerry Parish are incomplete but they include the registration of the house of Evan Bowen, The Lower House, in the township of Gwenithrew and so this may well be the place where the first services were held. Joseph Davies, a deacon of the Baptist church at Newtown, then built the chapel in the village at his own expense.

However, the early preaching did not result in the formation of a church. The original chapel was a simple brick building but at a later date the side facing Kerry was clad with slate to protect the building from the weather and a porch was erected. Until then the pulpit was immediately inside the door and so any latecomers had to enter the building in full view of the congregation!

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