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She is also a preceptor for Advanced Practice Pharm. In September of 2006, Celebrate Hilton Head (CH2) burst onto the scene with a fresh perspective on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and the surrounding Low Country.

At the helm was a team of young women (all under 30!

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This requires restricted calorie intake, appetite suppressants and strenuous exercise. Recent statistics show that 56 million people start a diet four times a year. Metabolism is the sum total of all biochemical reactions driving physiology toward health or disease.

These numbers reflect that we are motivated to lose weight, but the method has not been adequate. It is a continuous and dynamic process that can be redirected to change health outcomes and quality of life.

We recognize abnormal metabolism by weight gain, food cravings, fatigue and physiologic stress.

For Men the ratio is a hormone normally produced by the placenta during pregnancy.

It is produced in excess of one million units per day in the urine.

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