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We got on so well, which is a good thing because there were only two of us, pretty much, in the movie. The first day they gave me an ax, they tried to give me a prop that weighed about as much as a paper clip.Right now, Channing Tatum, the hunky star of this month's action epic G. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, is starring in his own personal version of The Biggest Loser.Talk a little bit about being a part of that simulated world. It’s become so fascinating, and I give huge credit to The Walking Dead and other films that are sort of similar that are in the same genre. It technically should not exist in the world today, but who knows? The scene where Missi Pyle and I are suddenly shut out in the dark in the back of the signage shop and we get attacked by that super creepy looking dude – who was lovely in real life, but who was very scary when we worked with him. I know there are cameras everywhere and there are crew standing behind the cameras, but the apocalyptic genre is very prevalent right now, so talk a little bit about being a part of that kind of world for a little while. There’s something about it that is enticing and interesting to me. It felt so real, and I have this joke with a couple of my girlfriends, I say, “I don’t care about humor anymore, I don’t care if he’s got abs, I just need a man who can get me out of a zombie apocalypse! Being in that element was fun, it was exciting, it was thrilling. Not sure I’d ever take a vacation there, but I made some close friends. The sword and sorcery genre is completely different than the post-apocalyptic genre, but were you able to immerse yourself in that genre at all? We had a great stunt team and stunt department, and that always lends itself really well to making things believable and realistic. His goofiness seems inversely proportional to his good looks and his success."He is one of the nicest guys—a guys' guy and a girls' guy," says Joe director Stephen ­Sommers.The muscles are a product of his compulsive nature."Anything I love, I become utterly obsessed with," he says.

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(Laughing.) The HAZMAT suit presented quite an adventure, quite an experience. Those suits, as I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised, don’t really breathe … I got lucky, but Mekhi Phifer, and I believe Alfie Allen … He’s gigantic and he looks menacing, but he’s the biggest teddy bear you’ll ever meet. I felt safe going anywhere and everywhere in Sofia, Bulgaria where we were shooting with Jason because he’s so massive and no one is going to mess with him no matter what. He gets very into the aesthetic, and that’s one of the things that was really interesting about Conan – the way that he made the movie look. For a week, he's been adhering to a strict low-carb meal plan and working out three times a day with an ex–Navy Seal.Today, he's even brought his own lunch, if you can call it that, to a West Hollywood café: one American cheese slice, one small apple, one even smaller bunch of grapes, and, for dessert, four peanuts in a tiny condiment container. series Continuum and now you’re in the post-apocalyptic zombie film Pandemic. If you look at the cast: Sienna Miller, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum, and Marlon Wayans … I’m also a very good shot, so I’m probably going to win most of the time in any category. Today we have a new trailer for The Brink starring Max Zhang; The Brink follows a group of fishermen who smuggle gold and the cops who chase them.Pandemic, specifically, shows a very convincing portrayal of the end of the world, of the apocalypse.

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