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As I’ve outlined in other posts, the only 2 messaging apps I can recommend for Primary school (under 13yrs) students are Apple i Message and Skype.

This is because these are the only two messaging apps that don’t encourage sharing your profile name across to other social media platforms, and because of the easy privacy settings.

Kik and many other messaging apps encourage users to share their profile names across to other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, unfortunately some kids who do this are then getting approached directly through Kik Messenger by adult strangers who have found their Kik Messenger name on Instagram or Facebook because the child doesn’t have privacy settings set up on those other platforms and has posted their name there.

If your child does use a messaging app to chat with their friends, the upside is, free messaging, cheaper than paying for SMS.

Actually It’s best alternative to Skype chat room you can send messages to any one which is present in Chat room via text based message , even you can express your feeling’s by sending emotions as like Skype providing best emotions but i am sure this Skype Chatting room providing more awesome chatting features.

Seemingly in an effort to prove its worth as a major player in the telephony sector, Skype is now allowing users to set up premium-rate services through the program.

If you fancy setting up your own technical support line, or even a ‘adult chat’ line, you can now do so thanks to the Skype Prime feature within the latest beta release.

No more paying huge SMS bills, and its fun to be able to text and send emoticons, photos and videos to friends in one to one messaging or in a groups.

We are also providing Best yahoo chat room alternative.

All Skype users can join Skype chatting room freely without any registration.

If you know of a messaging app that compares to these in safety, please let me know in comments.

When I travel around schools giving talks to parents, the big issue is of course that Kik Messenger rated 17 is the number one messaging app used by primary school kids.

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