So you think you can dance dating

If you did not watch their magical performance, feel free to check it out below.

Make sure to watch the So You Think You Can Dance finale next Monday at p.m.

Until (hopefully) next summer, always remember you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

Season 14, there's been some curiosity regarding how long Taylor Sieve and Lex Ishimoto have been dating.

Right now, the final four contestants are working extremely hard to win season 14 of SYTYCD.

Rumors about Ishimoto and Sieve romance have been circulating for well over a month now.In an interview, Sieve revealed that she met Ishimoto and Sieve are competing for the title of America’s Favorite Dancer on the So You Think You Can Dance stage, but many felt the chemistry between the two went far beyond their dancing.Their affection for each other is borderline palpable when you see some of their routines, which was initially what sparked their dating rumors! Ishimoto does not shy away from posting pictures with Sieve, captioning photos with loving messages like, “Always winning when I’m with you.” (Which also added fuel to the fire of these relationship rumors!Nigel loves feathers and people pretending to be birds. First up, you thought she was done after last week, but Mia Michaels is just getting started.She sits down with the top 4 and shares a moment with each of them: Koine cries, Taylor opens up about her insecurity, and Lex and Kiki out-droll each other.

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