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Your participation in any of our activities is your acknowledgment that you are solely responsible for your own assessment of your abilities and your physical fitness to participate in that activity.Walkers must be physically fit and by joining any event you agree to waive all rights and claims for damages against Shorewalkers, it’s officers, directors, hike leaders, employees, event personnel or volunteers.And to make matters worse, there’s no definitive book to go by either to tell you who, how, and why. You may have picked up a book that has a long list of deities from all over the planet – or maybe a book that only suggests a couple – that don’t really connect with you. Businesses make a lot of money off of us, marketing to us that we can’t be alone.That we MUST be in a relationship – that any relationship (good or bad) is better than none.You can explore different myths and concepts, discover there’s an amazing variety of deities out there, find out what does and doesn’t work for you – without making some sort of serious commitment right away (if ever.) It may sound flippant and unhelpful – but you’ll know when you’re finding the right match. Nor is it your job to pair up random deities from very different pantheons to work together like a divine game of Barbie and Ken.You’ll notice patterns, repetition of symbols and signs again and again. You can certainly work with deities from diverse pantheons, but you don’t have to pair them up together to do workings based on some sort of gender balancing act.And so an awful lot of people go from relationship to relationship, without ever stopping to consider what their needs and wants really are.

Take the time to contemplate what you know and believe to be true.You’re acclimating to a new concept: that there are indeed multiple gods out there.Or perhaps the oddity that the gods are real and do exist. It’s confusing and you’re probably terrified that you’re going to make a mistake. Yes, I’m applying dating advice to deities – and it works.Welcome to Date Active, the place to be if you are looking to meet fit and active outdoors type or sporty single people like yourself.It's free to join and free to post your profile, including photos.

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